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I’ve been so focused on all the little trips here and there we’ve been taking, I haven’t really said a whole lot about Stellenbosch yet! The campus of SU is absolutely beautiful. All of the streets and buildings are lined with a wide assortment of trees and flowers, and . The architecture is old fashioned and lovely, but very well maintained. Being mostly focused on the university, the town of Stellenbosch isn’t terribly big, and has the nice sense of a college town. There are lots of restaurants and a few places to shop here and there. There are several bars and pubs spread out, and some places with live music too. It’s no Cape Town, but we haven’t had a hard time finding ways to stay occupied. 

Overlooking the library and a few classrooms

Flowers on Bosman Street

Academia at night- Stellenbosch Mountain in the background

And all the cars are tiny!

It’s a really interesting dynamic, the accents sound like a mixture of Australian and English, and the style is very European. Everyone dresses very fashionable and always looks far too put together for an 8 am class. Also, Stellenbosch has a ‘shoes are optional’ attitude and everywhere you go there are always numerous people totally barefoot (including the grocery store, class, out to dinner, etc.) And the number one hairstyle? I kid you not, the mullet. Apparently once South Africans move away from home it is seen as a rebellious gesture to keep it short in the front but grow the back out. Many guys seem to think that a moustache compliments a mullet too, so interestingly enough that look is everywhere.  Nice. 

Due to my marketing exam tomorrow this blog will be cut short, (apparently even in the most beautiful of places we are still expected to do work...) so there will be more to follow very soon!

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You could totally pull that look off, hold the 'stache. When in Rome.... :)
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