Spier Vineyard

Being that Stellenbosch is the wine capital of South Africa, it will be very necessary that we take a few tours of the local vineyards (just for educational purposes Dad). The vineyard was absolutely gorgeous, and the wine was even better. We first got to check out the cheetahs and eagles that they have, then a little lunch outside, before taste testing some delicious local wine. 

All the light fixtures were made out of strips of recycled milk cartons

And the ceiling consisted of the bottoms of milk cartons flipped inside out!


karen said...

Nice work Ali, love it! Keep the photos and log entries coming!!

Karen said...

So, Ali, from a scientific research perspective is there a great degree of variance in the relativity of how other factors, besides the varietal itself, affects the flavors and aromas of a particular bottle of wine? :)
All part of your life education!
Happy Tasting.

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