Cape Town Tour

This day trip was the perfect first introduction to this amazing city. The international office set up tour buses to take us around the city all Saturday to get a basic understanding of how brilliant Cape Town is. The tour started in the Company Garden where we wandered around briefly.

We then hopped back on the busses and took a (extremely) scenic route to the top of Signal Hill where we overlooked the Cape Town’s magnificent coast and endless bright-blue waters. It was amazing to see how massive the city really is, I never quite realized this until seeing how far the city continued to sprawl into the distance.

After we drove down the mountainside through various towns, seeing more beaches and cool little towns. The architecture is so unique and even cooler than what I had anticipated. Although there are so many buildings fit into tiny areas, it didn’t feel cramped or crowded, just very clever designs and structures.

We ended the tour at Victoria Wharf (a major attraction with Cape Town’s Aquarium, surplus of shopping, and lots to see). We wandered through many cool shops, listened to great street performers, and enjoyed the unbelievable weather as we walked down the pier.

Robben Island